Summer Promo

54% off Summer WWroupon Special



  • How can I get ranked higher with Google?

  • 1 minutes “Welcome Video” ($999.00)

  • How can I get exposure in search results?

  • Setup of your Google Plus site ($997.00)

  • How can I control bad online reviews?

  • Setup Wild West Review system ($149.00)

  • How can I make sure I am reaching millions of new smart phone customers?

  • Customized Mobile website for ease of uses ($449.00)

  • How can prospects get immediate access to my website?

  • Creation of (2) QR codes, 1 for website,1 for landing page (198.00)

  • How can I feature a specific service ?

  • Creation of 1 landing page (198.00)


Only $1,386.00

How can we do this? We are able to reduce our costs by grouping the video shoot to specific day and location. We are using a template the information gather necessary information. The additional work will fill in available time which we only have during the summer. All these service are completed by end of August.

There is only (16) available spots for this promotion do to timing (minimum 8).

Call Terry at: 800-234-1522 Ext. 103