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Social Media MarketingFacebook business pages are designed for Facebook Fan engagement. There you can “meet” with Fans and prospects, provide customer service, give free advice related to your niche, and build loyalty.

Every time I stop by the Facebook business page of Green Home Experts, there are conversations going among its 352 Fans.  Its owner asks provocative question that elicits numerous responses.  Those conversations, these examples of Facebook fan engagement, are building loyalty.

Social Media Marketing Stages of Loyalty

In “Customer Loyalty 3.0 is the Future of Customer Engagement,” Carol Roth explains how the marketer’s approach to customer loyalty has evolved, from what she calls stage 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0.

Loyalty 1.0 was “where companies believed that by rewarding the customers who spent the most with them, they were creating loyalty.”

Loyalty 2.0 “evolved in the form of social media where brands realized that it was not just the spenders who were important, but also the influencers (aka the senders) who indirectly accounted for sales through brand advocacy.”

Loyalty 3.0 is “where companies and brands engage both the senders and the spenders by making them feel cared for and important.”
Facebook Fan Engagement Questions

Social Media Marketing Questions You Should Ask

Here are several key questions Roth believes that businesses should ask themselves:

    * Who are my buyers?  Who is referring business to me?
    * Do I understand their priorities and needs?
    * Does my business make them feel important and appreciated?

Small businesses need to be able to answer these questions to create the cornerstone of Loyalty 3.0 for their businesses, says Roth.

And a Facebook business page is just the spot to get acquainted with potential buyers and referrers, to listen to their priorities and needs and to demonstrate that caring.  In fact, those activities are the essence of Facebook Fan engagement on a business page.



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