Mobile Marketing


mobile marketing iphone app

Imagine having your very own iPhone app and being able to get your business right into your customer’s pocket!

Very few Chicago-area businesses have capitalized on the goldmine of using mobile phone marketing. We can show you, as a local business, how you can connect with people on their phones. You can send them videos, specials, coupons, or any other information you want instantly and conveniently.

Here is an example of our services: Imagine a local, Chicago-area restaurant is having a slow night—the restaurant owner could send out a coupon to each customer’s cell phone offering a special discount for the next four hours only. Suddenly, the restaurant has a full house for the next four hours because customers got the message instantly and decided to take advantage of the savings!

This is just one possibility. We can help any type of business market more efficiently using mobile phone marketing. Give us a call to hear more examples of how we can help your business specifically. We can brainstorm together on how an iPhone app would improve your business and help you market more effectively to the type of client base you want.

Wouldn’t it be cool to say that your business has an iPhone app? How many competitors can say that? Often, having your own app is a sign that you are a trusted advisor in your industry. Plus, having your own app makes your business seem modern and hip, which allows it to appeal to multiple generations. Let Wild West Online Productions create an iPhone app for your business today, and watch your sales soar!