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Chicago Local Search Marketing | Local Search – Google Places

I want to enlighten you on the extreme power of local search and what it means to your business. Enjoy this post below.

Local search is the term used to describe the action people take when utilizing the internet to find information about a local business in the Chicago area. Google has paved the way in local search. Showing up on page one of Google can be like having your business on the corner of the most prominent intersection in town.

For the first time in history more people are using the internet then the phone book to find local businesses in the Chicago area. Now is the time to transition some of your marketing budget towards the internet.

Using internet marketing in Chicago is a great way to have a presence in local search and can be a great way to generate extra sales and find new customers.

Another great thing about local search is that it can be affordable to break into and you can track the results! The future is that more and more people will be using the internet to find local businesses in the Chicago area. There is no better time to get your business into local search positions and to start reaping the rewards it can bring.

Showing up in local search can be done in a variety of ways. One of the most effective ways is through Google Maps. This is a free service that helps businesses be found. You can even attach videos to your local search Google listing! This is a very powerful and inexpensive way to begin marketing your business on the internet.

There are a variety of other ways to show up in local search that we will cover in another post. Until next time though check out your local search rankings.

In Success,

Tyler, Julie and the Wild West Online Productions  Team

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If you want to learn more sign up at the right and we will share with you in greater detail how local businesses can capitalize on this amazing opportunity!

Social Media Marketing | Facebook Business Fan Page

Social Media MarketingFacebook business pages are designed for Facebook Fan engagement. There you can “meet” with Fans and prospects, provide customer service, give free advice related to your niche, and build loyalty.

Every time I stop by the Facebook business page of Green Home Experts, there are conversations going among its 352 Fans.  Its owner asks provocative question that elicits numerous responses.  Those conversations, these examples of Facebook fan engagement, are building loyalty.

Social Media Marketing Stages of Loyalty

In “Customer Loyalty 3.0 is the Future of Customer Engagement,” Carol Roth explains how the marketer’s approach to customer loyalty has evolved, from what she calls stage 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0.

Loyalty 1.0 was “where companies believed that by rewarding the customers who spent the most with them, they were creating loyalty.”

Loyalty 2.0 “evolved in the form of social media where brands realized that it was not just the spenders who were important, but also the influencers (aka the senders) who indirectly accounted for sales through brand advocacy.”

Loyalty 3.0 is “where companies and brands engage both the senders and the spenders by making them feel cared for and important.”
Facebook Fan Engagement Questions

Social Media Marketing Questions You Should Ask

Here are several key questions Roth believes that businesses should ask themselves:

    * Who are my buyers?  Who is referring business to me?
    * Do I understand their priorities and needs?
    * Does my business make them feel important and appreciated?

Small businesses need to be able to answer these questions to create the cornerstone of Loyalty 3.0 for their businesses, says Roth.

And a Facebook business page is just the spot to get acquainted with potential buyers and referrers, to listen to their priorities and needs and to demonstrate that caring.  In fact, those activities are the essence of Facebook Fan engagement on a business page.

Affordable Insurance StrategiesAffordable Insurance Strategies

Affordable Insurance Strategies

Description: We have a product portfolio that can address important life, health, long-term care and retirement insurance needs and our agents are trained to provide information and assistance tailored to each person’s needs. We are experienced in working with others with similar needs and their training and knowledge of the products within their portfolio allow them to educate and help consumers as they select insurance products that offer the protection and security they need.

Link: http://affordableinsurancestrategies.com/

Automatic Fire ControlsAutomatic Fire Controls

Automatic Fire Controls

Description: AFC has been providing comprehensive fire alarm and clean agent fire suppression system design, installation, inspections and maintenance since 1983. AFC offers there customers the benefit of an experienced team of designers and installers that can provide a fire protection solution that meets your specific needs.

Link: http://automaticfirecontrols.com/

Love Of Music FoundationLove Of Music Foundation

Love Of Music Foundation

Description: Love of Music Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2007.  Its focus was to raise awareness about the importance of continuing to implement music and art in the American public school setting. Love of Music is dedicated to helping youth learn how to play instruments and educating them about careers in music.

Link: http://loveofmusicfoundation.org/

Resource Management CorpResource Management Corp

Resource Management Corp

Description: RMC Quality Managers and Auditors have over 50 years combined experience in industrial/ automotive product acknowledge and process expertise.  We are the preferred provider to many of the world’s leading manufacturers where we bring added value to the quality of the products our clients bring to market.

Link: http://www.rmcquality.com/

Horizon Therapy – Pediatric Therapy Services   Tinley Park, IL Children’s TherapyHorizon Therapy – Pediatric Therapy Services   Tinley Park, IL Children’s Therapy

Horizon Therapy – Pediatric Therapy Services Tinley Park, IL Children’s Therapy

Description: Horizon Therapy LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional Occupational, physical, speech & developmental therapy services to children with special needs.

Link: http://horizontherapyllc.com/

The Official Shane Treloar SiteThe Official Shane Treloar Site

The Official Shane Treloar Site

Description:  He is described as “The Boy With the Golden Voice”. Meet Shane Treloar, the 11-year-old crooner from Pittsburgh who sang almost as soon as he could talk!  He sings all genres, loves Broadway tunes the best, and can belt out the National Anthem like nobody’s business.  At the age of 7, he made his stage debut singing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” for his elementary school’s talent show.  His promising voice pulled the audience to him and their thunderous applause confirmed for Shane that the stage is his place and connecting to the audience through song is his calling.

Link: http://shanetreloar.com/

TomKelly’s Chophouse Pub New Lenox, ILTomKelly’s Chophouse Pub New Lenox, IL

TomKelly’s Chophouse Pub New Lenox, IL


Link: http://tomkellys.com/

Chicagoland GroupChicagoland Group

Chicagoland Group

Description: We assist businesses in the following areas: Promotion and Marketing, E-mail and Internet Marketing Programs, Business Contacts, Networking and Resources, Web Site Designs, Promoting your business on the Internet and Dynamic QR Codes. We can help free up your time to do the things that you love – The reason that you started your business in the first place! Our experience includes working with mid to small size companies as well as start-up businesses.

Link: http://chicagolandgroup.com/

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