Marketing Tips to Success: UPS and EVP

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Marketing Tips to Success: UPS and EVP

Communication methods have come a long way from drums in the jungle to Tweets and status updates on the Global Internet. Marketers have been hard put to adapt at a similar pace, and much more so the business owner or manager. In marketing your business, you have a number of decisions to make on how to get the word out about your company. To give some perspective on the magnitude of the detail needed to make these decisions, here are a few questions that need definitive answers:

  • Should you focus on your website or should you focus on traditional media like television and radio?
  • Should you be looking to access people who have mobile phones or people who spend time on their personal computers?

The list of questions go on and on, and as fast as you begin to understand how to adapt in one area, another major shift in how people behave takes place, suddenly you’re seemingly back to square one of the whole decision-making process.

In spite of this, there are some principles that do not change, regardless of how you communicate and in what medium you choose to communicate in. Whether or not you choose television, radio, or your website, probably one of the most important factors to consider in reaching out to prospects and buyers is whether or not you have differentiated yourself from your competition. Give a few moments to mull over this question:

Have you given your prospect a reason to come to your location rather than going somewhere else?

If you want to get your prospect to hear you above all of the ‘noise’ from other companies, they (your prospects and customers) have to feel as if they are going to get the most value by coming to you. Naturally, this doesn’t always mean that you have given them the best pricing. In fact more often than not, you don’t have to lower your price if you can:

1) Differentiate – meaning that you have created an advantage by taking some aspect of the business and doing it better than those who are your competition. In terms of differentiation, here are some questions to consider:

A] Are you open longer hours?
B] Do you have a better warranty or guarantee?
C] Do you have a more exclusive selection?

2) Provide more value – Do your products and services give the buyer more of what matters to them than your competitors?

In marketing terms, the name for this principle is the Unique Selling Proposition (UPS) or Extra Value Proposition (EVP). By giving your prospect or customer a reason to come to your location that really matters to them, you are able to make your advertising more effective regardless of what method you choose.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to adapt to the ways that communication channels and media changes. Why? More often than not, the unique characteristics of each type of media defines what markets you reach, and you will definitely want to reach people where they are and in the way they want to be reached.

Regardless, as long as you consistently communicate the things that matter most to your customers and prospects (the EVP/USP), you can expect to be heard over and above the messages that your competition sends.

The nice part is, it won’t really matter how big or small you are.


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