Easy Way To Get More Client Referrals

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The easy way to more client referrals

Most small businesses are always looking for ways to acquire more client referrals. However as outlined by some 58.6% of us don’t even make an effort to request them! This isn’t something that happens automagically, but rather is the offspring of a clear, targeted technique applied persistently. To help you catch the idea the following are seven easy methods for getting more client referrals, quicker and easier than you may have believed possible!

  1. Recruit your best customers – Your best customers might be your best bet, because they are already in love with what you do don’t need enticement to refer you to their circle of friends. You just need to ask them!
  2. Offer incentives – Discounts, free samples, upgrades or any other rewards appropriate for your business are a good way to get people to offer client referrals.
  3. Over-deliver on first-time customers – Whenever you are get a new customer, a terrific way to get them talking to their circle of contacts is to over-deliver on them. This could come in a number of ways, but make sure they view your company as a cut above the rest.
  4. Actively engage with your customers – Getting your customers talking and interacting with you, and ultimately their social circles, can open many doors. Find common ground, and possibly create an online community for your customers, say for example blog or Facebook group.
  5. Be gracious and hand out perks – Become great at saying “Thank You”, as well as in understanding  when a well-placed perk will help you. A surprise gift card or a thank you note could work wonders.
  6. Get the staff focusing on it – Having your employees get behind this can magnify your efforts. You may have to put together some sort of reward, but it can be well worth the time and effort to put it together.
  7. Create a customer loyalty program – A customer loyalty program, best administered online, is an awesome tool to help you create interest and involvement.

A solid client referral plan can take some effort, but can also produce a ton of new business pre-disposed to giving you a chance. What more can you ask?


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